Another Day in the Life of the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II wakes up at 7 o'clock, has a cup of tea and reads The Times. Then she has a bath and gets dressed. At 8 o'clock she listens to BBC news and has breakfast with Prince Philip. After breakfast she rings up the Queen Mother. Then she reads personal letters and has an important business consultation with Private Secretary and then works at government documents. At 1 o’clock she has a quick lunch in her pri­vate apartment in Buckingham Palace and at 2 o'clock leaves the Palace to open a new hospital. There she makes speeches, shakes hands and has a cup of tea. At 4.45 she is back at the Palace and works in her office. At 5.30 she receives foreign visi­tors and then has the final meeting with her Private Secretary. In the evening she goes to St James' Palace where she has a recep­tion party and talks with 70 people. Then goes back to the Palace and at 8,30 has dinner with Philip and a group of some businessmen. At 10 she watches television news and then reads some official papers and telephones some members of the Royal Family** -r- just to see if all is well. At about 11 she goes to bed.